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Dewey 1-Piece .22 to 6.5MM Copper Eliminator Nylon Coated Cleaning Rods, 8-32 Thread


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If you need a Dewey Nylon Coated rod but are using a strong copper solvent then the Dewey Copper Eliminator Series rods are for you. The Copper Eliminator rods have the same extremely thick nylon coating that their Dewey coated rods have but instead of a brass ferrule they are fitted with an aluminum ferrule. These rods are 8-32 female ended and accept Dewey standard 8-32 male Copper Eliminator Brushes and Copper Eliminator Jags.

The Copper Eliminator Rods do not in anyway remove copper easier but instead they will prevent false positive indications when using a heavy copper eliminating solvent.

All rods are of one-piece construction unless otherwise stated and all listed rod lengths do not include the handle assembly.

Product Specifications

  • Nylon-Coated (.205/.210 O.D.)
  • .22 Calibre (.223-.224) to 6.5MM
  • Aluminum Tip
  • 8-32 Female Threads
  • includes with 22JMA aluminum jag

Note: .22 Rimfire and CZ rifle Shooters – Dewey recommend using .20 calibre cleaning rods, as their .22 calibre rods have been found to be at times too large to fit through those tight rimfire barrels. When ordering a .20 calibre rod for use with .22 calibre jags, mops, brushes, etc, remember to order the 17A adapter.

Note: TM Solution and Montana X-Treme Copper Killer bore cleaners have been found to react with the nylon coating on Dewey nylon coated rods. Dewey strongly recommend not using these solutions with their nylon coated rods.
If you plan on using these cleaners, you may wish to consider using a brass or stainless steel rod.