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Dewey Cleaning Rods

Dewey cleaning rods are a favorite with sport shooters in all displines . The nylon coating on Dewey rods is tough and professionally applied. Dewey rods are supplied with a speartip jag and brush adapter (where necessary). The 20 calibre rods are also the perfect rod for your .22 rimfire rifles.

All Dewey rods for .22 calibre and up centrefire  rifles are coated and male threaded. A jag and a brush adapter are included with each rod (.22 calibre jag with the .22 to 6.5mm rods, a .30 calibre jag with the .277 and up rods , .35 calibre jag with the .35 and up rods and .50 calibre jag with the .50 calibre rods.