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VFG Rifle Cleaning Felts 25 Calibre/6.5MM (25-06 Rem, .257 Roberts, 6.5 X 55 Swedish) Pack of 500, 331953

by VFG
SKU VFG-66824

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VFG cleaning pellets are made of pure wool felt and are used for cleaning, oiling and de-greasing. Slightly larger than the actual calibre of the firearm  this ensures the felt pellet is squeezed as it enters the barrel and makes full contact with the bore.

This clever system cleans rifle and handgun barrels with a minimum of effort and mess. Slip two felt pellets on to the Dewey VFG cleaning rod adapter (will only fit Dewey male threaded rods), apply your favourite solvent and push through the bore to rapidly scrub out fouling. Pellets fit snugly to the bore and easily follow the rifling for fast, efficient cleaning; as you withdraw the rod, the front pellet falls off while the rear pellet polishes the bore. This system allows you apply oil, cleaning solvents or J-B® Bore Cleaner easily with minimal mess.

Plain pellets are made from a highly absorbent, compressed felt and their use requires a specific cleaning rod adapter.

The Dewey VFG rod adapter is ideal for general cleaning and the Brownells 3-Pellet adapter is best for use with J-B® Bore Cleaner when multiple passes with the pellets is necessary.