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Swift A-Frame Bullets 45 Calibre (0.457" diameter) 400 Grain Bonded Flat Nose 50/Box

SKU SWF-45400

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Swift A-Frame bullets Performance Progression

Heavy rifle A-Frame® bullets are for use on dangerous game. The bullet initiates expansion at 1650 feet per second on the low end and stays together at 3000+ feet per second on the high end. Controlled expansion of 2.2x its original calibre and 95%+ weight retention make the A-Frame® bullet superior in downrange energy and stopping power. Terminal performance is unequaled.


    • Semi-spitzer nose profile designed to withstand recoil impact in magazine without deforming
      • Progressively tapered jacket controls rate of expansion over wide range of velocities
      • Pure lead core bonded to jacket with Swift's proprietary process
      • A-Frame Cross member positioned to optimise expansion diameter of each calibre
      • Jacket formed from pure copper not alloys
      • Protected rear core provides momentum for deep penetration
      • Thick jacket locks in rear core, preventing deformation and retaining weight

      Calibre .45
      Diameter (Inches) 0.457
      Bullet Weight 400 gr
      Bullet Style A-Frame
      Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.258
      Sectional Density 0.272
      Package Quantity 50/Box