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SunGuard ARD #5 Fits Ojbective 39,40,43


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ARD (anti Reflection Device) technology is used by the U.S. Army to camouflage solders optics against glint and glare that interfere with clear sighting. ARDs fit easily into a standard scope cap, block sun glare from getting inside your scope and hide scope reflection that can spook trophy game.

Sunguard Fit Guide
  • Butler Creek Fli-Open: 39, 40, 43
  • Butler Creek Blizzard: 10
  • Quake Bushwacker: 7

  • Installation

    Gently push the SunGuard ARD into your scope cover until the front of the disk is seated against the inner ring of the cover, then press cover onto your scope.  With Butler Creek covers, the small end of the ARD faces forward, with Quake covers, the large end of the ARD faces forward.


    Treat this SunGuard ARD with the same care you would any fine optic. If the honeycomb becomes dirty, remove from scope, rinse in clear water and then blow dry.