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Sinclair Remington Firing Pin Removal Tool

SKU SIN-749004116

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The Sinclair bolt disassembly tool makes removing the firing pin, spring and shroud assembly from the bolt body an easy task. This tool fits the 40X, 600, 660, Model, 7, XP-100, 700, 721, XR-100 and 722 actions plus the Kelbly Stolle actions. Does not work for 40X rimfire actions. This tool is designed to pull back and hold the cocking piece as the shroud, pin and spring assembly is unscrewed from the bolt body. This needs to be done to clean the assembly and apply new light oil several times a year. The bolt should also be disassembled and inspected if a primer cup may need to be removed from the bolt body. The tool has a non-marring Delrin body and is very easy and fast to use. Most competitive shooters carry a bolt tool for their action to every match.