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Sinclair Premium Case Neck Turning Tool Kit Storage Case

SKU SIN-749010347

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Neck turning is a case prep operation that we and many of our customers find beneficial to top notch accuracy and easy to do with Sinclair tools. Keeping all these tools in one, easy to reach place can be another question all together. The Sinclair Neck Turning Tool Case solves the problem of rummaging through your drawers to find the tools necessary for neck turning. This case has storage cut outs perfectly shaped for their NT-1000 and NT-4000 neck turning tools and all of their neck turning accessories. There is a space for either the NT-1000 or NT-4000 neck turning tools, spaces for twelve neck turning or expanding mandrels, a Sinclair expander die body, universal neck turning handle, power case holder driver, four power case holders as well as our universal case holder.