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Sinclair Powder Measure Stand (Clamp Style)

SKU SIN-749005679

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Powder measure stands made by other manufacturers left Sinclair wanting. Sinclair needed something that didn't have to be bolted down, would be easily adjustable in height for each person's preference, and could be adjusted to the different bench thicknesses that you find when loading away from home. A stand is always handy for shooters who don't have space for a permanent measure stand on their reloading bench. The Sinclair stand fits easily into a field box, and is ready to go when you take your powder measure to the range or a match.

One model is available for custom measures and the second model is for standard measures 7/8 to fourteen. We use the stands to raise drop tubes to a comfortable loading position. Constructed with 7/8 inch diameter stainless steel tubing and featuring three points of contact for a non-slip secure mounting position.