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Sinclair Caseholder Driver

SKU SIN-749002109

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The Sinclair Driver and Caseholder system is designed to hold and turn your case while you are neck turning, cleaning case necks or case mouth deburring. The Caseholders and Driver are machined from stainless steel, and the driver has a one fourth hex shaft for use in power screwdrivers or low-speed drill chucks. The driver is universal to the Sinclair system and will work with all the Caseholders.

The universal Caseholder enables you to use this system for any cartridge case which has a Lee Auto Prime shellholder available for it. The Universal Caseholder works with the same #05-2500 drivers as their original caseholders. Remember to order a Lee Auto Prime shellholder for your Universal Caseholder if you don't already have one. The Sinclair Driver and Caseholder system and a Sinclair Neck Turning Tool takes the hard work out of neck turning using a power screwdriver or cordless drill. Holding the neck tuner in one hand and powered device in the other negates the wobble in drive assembly of the screwdriver.

This system is a great, inexpensive way to speed up the neck turning process. Also works great for many other case prep operations.