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Sinclair 30 Calibre (.307") TiN Coated Expander Mandrel

SKU SIN-749019008

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The Sinclair TiN Expander Mandrels are a great option for those who want increased resistance to abrasion over Stainless Steel Mandrels, but don't want to feel the need to upgrade to our Carbide Mandrels. The Titanium Nitride coating process adds increased lubricity and abrasion resistance over the standard steel mandrels. Expander mandrels are made to 0.001" under bullet diameter. Originally designed to be used to expand the necks of brass prior to neck turning, these Mandrels can be used to set neck tension.

Using an expander mandrel prior to neck turning sizes the case to fit the neck turning mandrels perfectly. This correct fit makes the turning process more precise and much easier. Any of the mandrels can be used to expand cases up to the next calibre when used with the Sinclair Expander Die Body.