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Sierra Pro-Hunter Bullets 30 Calibre (0.308" diameter) 150gr Round Nose 100/Box

SKU SRA-2135

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In rifle cartridges, these bullets are highly recommended when good expansion and deep penetration in medium and heavy game are required at short to medium ranges. These bullets give pinpoint accuracy because of their short lengths for their weights. This short length for a given weight allows a rifle barrel to stabilize a considerably heavier round-nose bullet than would be possible with a Spitzer-pointed bullet of the same weight, which would be considerably longer. If the shots are fast and at short ranges or the game is big and dangerous, these are the bullets to choose. The 150 grain #2135 is ideal for quick shots at whitetails or smaller black bears in heavy cover.

Calibre .30 Calibre
Diameter (Inches) 0.308
Bullet Weight 150gr
Bullet Style Round Nose
Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.200
Sectional Density 0.226
Package Quantity 100/Box