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Sierra GameKing Bullets 35 Calibre (0.358" diameter) 225gr Spitzer Boat Tail 50/Box

SKU SRA-2850

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For rifles, when Remington standardized the popular .35 Whelen wildcat cartridge, Sierra designed the 225 grain #2850 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet for the 35 Whelen and similar cartridges. This bullet has a heavy, double-tapered jacket drawn to very tight tolerances and a special alloy core for deep penetration and good expansion on heavy game. It also has the classic Sierra SBT shape for exceptional ballistic efficiency among 35 calibre bullets. This bullet delivers incredible accuracy and retains velocity and energy exceptionally well downrange. The flat trajectory extends the useful range of all appropriate 35 calibre cartridges and delivers smashing power even at long range. Although not suited for the 35 Remington cartridge, it is well matched to the more potent 358 Winchester and 350 Remington Magnum cartridges, as well as the 35 Whelen. In any of these cartridges, it is appropriate for all North American big game.

Calibre .35 Calibre
Diameter (Inches) 0.358
Bullet Weight 225gr
Bullet Style Spitzer Boat-Tail
Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.370
Sectional Density 0.251
Package Quantity 100/Box