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Saeco Lubri-Sizer Bullet Sizer and Lubricator

SKU SAE-30000

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Considered by many to be the finest lubricator/sizer available today.
A single stroke seats the gas check, swages the bullet to proper diameter, and lubricates it. SAECO’s Lubri-Sizer features a pressurized reservoir that lubricates from 20 to 50 bullets between turns of the lube control handle. Two
precision parallel guide rods assure proper alignment of the top punch and sizing die, resulting in maximum bullet concentricity.

Those who prefer to shoot bullets “as cast” will appreciate SAECO’s exclusive swing out gas check seater which allows the option of seating gas checks without sizing. 

A combination of compound leverage and extra length operating handle substantially reduces physical effort. Sizing Dies and Top Punches are not included and should be ordered separately according to caliber and bullet design.

  • Solid cast iron body
  • Swing Out Gas Check Seater
  • Adjustable Pressure Lubricant
  • Precise alignment
  • Can be used with either hollow or solid stick lube.

WARNING:  Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer.