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RWS UNI Classic Bullets 30 Calibre (.308" diameter) 180 Grain, 50/Box

by RWS
SKU RWS-2145499

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The UNI Classic bullet complements the ID Classic bullet and has been developed especially for the taking of heavy ungulates and big game. The harder and heavier rear core has less of a tendency to expand which in turn increases penetration. As with the ID Classic, the front core fragments reliably for a violent initial effect. The torpedo shaped boat tail assures stable flight characteristics.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • UNIVERSAL for the heaviest game
  • The front core fragments to deliver a quick burst of
  • energy into the target the sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing
  • Harder rear core exhibits limited deformation to deliver the desired exit wound
  • Rear cannelure limits jacket fragmentation
  • Little wasted meat

  1. Harder tail-core for convincing penetration 
  2. Tail constriction for a mass-stable residual body and a sure bullet exit 
  3. Softer tip-core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness 
  4. Sharp edge for cutting of hair at point of impact 
  5. Nickel-plated steel jacket for increased barrel life 
  6. Torpedo-shaped tail for high flight stability
Calibre .30 Calibre
Diameter (Inches) 0.308
Bullet Weight 180gr
Bullet Style UNI Classic
Bullet (B.C.) G1 0.350
Sectional Density
Package Quantity 50