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RWS KS Bullets 22 Calibre (.224" diameter) 74 Grain (Cone-Point), 50/Box

by RWS
SKU RWS-2146231

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Regardless whether the game is large or small, this bullet deforms in a controlled manner and gives an even distribution of energy into the animal. A slug with an effectively enlarged frontal area remains to carry through to a certain exit. The secret lies in the optimised ratio of the thickness of the jacket to the hardness of the core. The shape of the bullet provides great accuracy and reduced air resistance.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Uncommon accuracy due to its long bearing surface
  • The deep cannelure at the rear of the bullet stops deformation and provides a compact slug with a high probability of making an exit
  • Leaves few fragments behind in the tissue of the game
    1. Rear core locked into jacket
    2. Ballistically optimised cone-point
    3. Gilding metal jacket 
    4. Lead core for balanced deformation behaviour with different types of game
    5. Long bullet bearing surface for highest precision
      Calibre .22 Calibre
      Diameter (Inches) 0.224
      Bullet Weight 74gr
      Bullet Style Cone Point (KS)
      Bullet (B.C.) G1 0.260
      Sectional Density
      Package Quantity 50