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RWS DK Bullets 6.5MM (.264" diameter) 140 Grain (Twin Core), 50/Box

by RWS
SKU RWS-2311463

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The Doppelkern bullet is made of two lead cores of differing hardness. The front core fragments reliably and assures an instantaneous effect. Controlling the process of deformation is a unique tombac capsule separating the hard rear core from the softer front core. Since both cores have the same weight, a perfect mix of violent impact and probability of exit is the result. This design produces a straight
wound channel for the all-important exit.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Good and certain reaction to the shot
  • Extremely short runs after the shot
  • The sharp leading edge cuts hair at the strike, making for easy trailing
  • Controlled and rapid impact for an instantaneous effect
  • Certain exit guarantees an adequate blood trail
  • Minimal meat loss

  1. Hard rear-core for extreme penetration 
  2. Alloyed-jacket 
  3. Softer front-core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness 
  4. Cutting edge and breakaway groove
  5. Gilding metal Jacket
  6. Rear core locked into jacket
  7. Long bearing surface for highest precision
Calibre .26 Calibre/6.5MM
Diameter (Inches) 0.264
Bullet Weight 140gr
Bullet Style Doppelkern (DK)
Bullet (B.C.) G1 0.305
Sectional Density
Package Quantity 50