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Redding S Type Neck Sizer Die Decapping Rod Assembly #21308 (308 Winchester, 300 Remington SAUM)

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Designed to be used with the Redding Type S Full Length Bushing die or Type S Neck Sizing die. Unlike most sizing dies available today the Reading Type S bushing die uses a length adjustable decap rod. Because the Type-S die must locate and retain the neck sizing bushing in its proper position, an additional adjustment point is necessary to allow the decap pin to attain the proper depth of penetration to remove the primer but also allow the decap rod holder and lock nut to maintain the proper location of the bushing itself within the die body to resize the neck.

The Decap Rod Assembly is comprised of the following parts: Decap Pin, Size Button, Decap Rod, Lock Nut, Decap Rod Holder.