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Redding Competition Handgun Bullet Seater Die, 38 Special/357 Magnum

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Patented System of Bullet Alignment
This die features a very unique way to bias the bullet into alignment with the cartridge case.

The precision fitting, spring loaded seating stem is allowed to move down into the chamber of the die, aligning the bullet and cartridge case well in advance of bullet seating. Precise alignment is then maintained as the bullet and cartridge case move upward until seating is accomplished.

This Patented System assures you of the best possible bullet alignment.

Micrometer Adjustment
The micrometer is calibrated in .001” increments to simplify setting and recording bullet seating depth. Switching bullets and experimentation has never been easier.

Separate Crimp
Competition shooters know that superior reloads are produced when bullet crimping is performed as a separate operation. Therefore this no compromise die has no crimping capability. A superior crimp will be accomplished by using our “Profile Crimp” or “Taper Crimp” die.

Progressive Press Compatible
The industry standard 7/8 -14 threaded die bodies have been slightly extended to allow full thread engagement of the lock ring. An oversize bell mouth chamfer with smooth radius has been added to the bottom of the die to ease case and bullet entry in progressive presses.