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RCBS VLD 3-Way Adjustable Cutter 30 .22-.50 Calibre

SKU RCBS-90245

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This is automated case preparation at its finest. The RCBS 3-Way Cutter is one of those accessories you can’t live without. Its unique three-blade head configuration trims cases like our standard cutting tool, but in addition to trimming to length, inside blades chamfer the case while an outside blade deburrs it. The 3-Way Cutter attaches easily to both Case Trimmers and Trim Pros.

The 22 degree angle of the VLD cutter allows the bullet to be seated into the case without damaging the boat-tail and ruining accuracy.

Notes: Cutters can be adjusted to fit other calibres with the purchase of additional calibre specific pilots


  • Carbide cutting surfaces
  • Multi-calibre adjustability .22-.50 Calibre
  • 30° cutting surfaces inside and out

VLD 3-Way Carbide Cutter Instructions