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RCBS Trim Pro-2 Manual Case Trimmer Kit including Pilots

SKU RCBS-90366

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The popular Trim Pro case trimmer has been improved with the addition of a spring-loaded universal shell holder. The spring-loaded shell holder securely locks the case in alignment with the cutter. Note: Cases with rim diameters larger than .625-inch must be trimmed on the RCBS-90352 High Capacity Trimmer.


  • Designed for .001-inch accuracy
  • Coarse and fine trim length adjustments
  • Fine adjustment bushing features .001-inch micrometer markings
  • Spring-loaded shell holder accommodates case head diameters from .250-inch to .625-inch rims
  • Case fit is from the 5.7mm x 28 to .338 Lapua Magnum
  • Kit includes pilots: .22c, .24c, .25c, .270c, .28c, .30c, .35c, .44c and .45c