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Protektor DR Rear Bag with 1 Inch between Bunny Ears with Super Slick Silver Lining, Unfilled


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The original Dr. Rear Bag is a top of the line 1,000-yard competition rear bag. It used by many champion benchrest and competition shooters alike. It is 4" tall to the bottom of the ears and slopes downward towards the eagle. This bag has extra-long ears which helps the gun track incredibly well and an integral doughnut bottom comprised of 4 layers of stiff leather to provide a rock-solid base. Bumble-Bee Leather which is much stiffer than most leather aid in stability and helps prevent "rounding" of the bag over time. The standard spacing between the ears is a 1/2" triple stitch but bags can be made to fit any stock up an 1-1/2" wide. The Slick Silver material is a great option for shooters wanting a smooth alternative to baby powder or silicone spray.

The base size measures approximately 6" W x 8"L