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Pro-Shot Competition Pistol Cleaning Kit, Stainless Steel , .357 to .45 Calibre, 8 inch Rod, 8-32 Thread


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Pro-Shot Products has taken extra steps in their manufacturing process to build some of the finest cleaning rods in the world. Each Pro-Shot cleaning rod has a hard, dense, mirrorlike finish that prevents the rods from picking up abrasive grit or dirt and carrying it into your bore. Pro-Shot burnishes (micro polish) every rod in addition to their centerless grinding process.

These rods are extremely strong and will last for years. The stainless steel handles the harsh chemical reaction that many of today’s solvents have with some coated rods. Fitted with a comfortable machined, anodized aluminum handle.

8” working length Micro-Polished stainless steel swivel handle rod with high quality brass muzzle guard.
 Spear Tip jags for:
.357/.38 Calibre/9mm
10mm/.40 Calibre
.45 Calibre Nylon Bore Brush suitable for: .38-.45 Calibre
Muzzle Guard

Brass Patch Holder
Starter sample pack of 21/4" Square 100% Cotton Flannel Patches
1/4 oz. of 1-Step Cleaner and Lubricant Dropper Bottle

Note: The cleaning rod is one piece but the illustration demonstrates the threaded end of the rod.