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Peterson Brass 280 Ackley Improved Unprimed 50/Box


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Peterson 280 Ackley Improved Rifle Brass.

Peterson Match-Grade Brass rifle casings are manufactured on new, state-of-the-art production lines which use cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most precise and consistent casings on the market. Peterson are committed to producing Match-Grade Brass that enables their customers to get more reloads per casing than industry average.

Some people refer to it as the .280 Improved. Other people call it the .280 Ackley. On casings made by Peterson, they are headstamped .280 Ack Imp. Whichever way you refer to it, the concept popularised by gunsmith and wildcatter P.O. Ackley, is here to stay. Of all the many calibres Parker Ackley modified by lengthening the powder chamber and increasing the shoulder angle, the .280 Ackley is the only one, so far, that has been adopted by SAAMI. And it is a high performer.

According to Derek Peterson, president of Peterson Cartridge, “The .280 Ackley Improved casing will launch a 7mm, 120 gr. bullet over 3,400 fps. The .280 Ackley has a similar velocity to the 7mm Rem Mag, when using light to mid-weight bullets. It also tends to produce less recoil, and less muzzle blast. When comparing the 280 Ackley with similar size cartridges, it has heavier bullet options than the 270 Win, and a flatter trajectory than the .30-06 Springfield.”

Peterson continued, “The.280 Ack Imp casings made by Peterson are designed for reloading. Their .280 AIs have an ultrahard head, and a thicker web which allows them to tolerate high pressure. It also results in you getting more reloads per case.”

“Speaking to the 280 AI chamber design, the concept was that you could ream out the chamber of your .280 Rem rifle to the Ackley dimensions, which sharpened the shoulder angle to about 40 degrees. Then, after the first firing of your factory loaded .280 Rem ammunition, the casing would fire-form into the new shape. The newly formed case would then hold more powder, and send bullets faster and flatter on subsequent reloads.”

Peterson concluded, “Some people use the made-up term “Ackley-ised” to refer to Ackley’s concept of steeper shoulder angle and taller powder chamber. Sometimes, around their shop, they use the term “Peterson-ised” to refer to how their casings have increased hardness values and improved web design to hold more pressure and get more reloads.

Peterson cartridge casings are annealed and final cleaned before leaving the factory packaged in a heavy-duty plastic ammo boxes.