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Mountain Plains Double Duty Blue Label Targets 25 per Pack

SKU MOUN-97104

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The Double Duty BLUE Label Target has two 2" diamonds with 1" centres. This target was designed with the varmint hunter in mind. It has a 1-1/4" circle superimposed and centered above each diamond shaped aiming point which may be used as a sight-in area for the varmint hunter desiring a 1" to 2" zero above point-of-aim for varmint hunting, or as a clean area for the shooter to read his groups without shooting-out his aiming point!

Because of where the shot group is placed you can shoot both sides of the sheet! The front side is printed Black on White for the entire pad, while the reverse side of each target is printed either Blaze-Orange for half the pad and Fluorescent-Green for the other half.

This size target is recommended for 14x to 18x at 100 yards/metres and 30x to 36x at 200+ yards/metres.