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L.E. Wilson Bushing Full Length Sizer Die, 308 Winchester


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L.E. Wilson’s bushing-type full-length sizing dies give you precise control over sizing both case neck and the rest of the case body at the same time. The use of bushings gives you the necessary control to keep the amount of neck resizing to the minimum. This reduces the risk of "overworking" your brass, extending the life of your cases. These full-length dies use the same bushings as Wilson’s neck sizing dies, so you can size the case neck to provide the exact amount of neck tension you desire. Working up a new load with a different bullet simple - just replace the bushing.

Precision-machined, hardened stainless steel sizes the case body & shoulder at the same time. The die fits standard 7/8"-14 reloading presses and uses L.E. Wilson neck-sizing bushings. L.E. Wilson Bushing style full-length sizing dies are machined to exceptionally precise dimensions from a special stainless steel alloy. Each die comes with an adjustable-depth decapping rod, a spare decapping punch, and a lock ring. (An expander is not included.)

Included: Die body, decapping assembly, including decapping rod & punch, lock ring,  Hex wrench (for lock ring setscrew) and Instructions

Not included: Size Bushing and Expander button