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L.E. Wilson Minimum Dimension Gauges


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The LE Wilson Minimum Dimension gauge is made with the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from all your Wilson Tools. Best used if you are loading ammo to work in multiple gun chambers of the same calibre. Wilson recommend using this in conjunction with their Regular Case Gage to prevent over-sizing. Gauge verifies Minimum  Chamber Dimensions and OAL for SAAMI. 

The purpose of this gauge is to check your reloaded rounds to see if they meet Minimum  Chamber Specs. Therefore, if your rounds do not enter the Gauge, then this is pointing to an issue with your reloaded round against SAAMI specifications. On the other hand, if your rounds DO enter the Gauge, but DO NOT chamber in your gun. This points to you having a very tight chambered gun and would assume either an improperly cut reamer or a chamber that was cut below Minimum Chamber Dimension headspace.

This does NOT mean that your round will not chamber in your specific gun's chamber. This only means the round DOES NOT meet SAAMI Min Chamber dimensions and is telling you to take another look before deciding that your round is good to fire.

Reasons to use this Minimum Dimension Gauge

  • You want your reloaded rounds to chamber in a variety of guns 
  • Too check for uniformity of your rounds against SAAMI specifications 
  • To pinpoint issues with your reloaded ammunition 
  • You want a quick check to see if you are under MAX SAAMI COAL 
  • To check factory ammunition you have purchased

We recommend using the LE Wilson Regular Case Gauge for bottle necked cartridges to assist you determining how much to trim and push back your shoulder to suit your chambers headspace.