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K+M Premium Carbide Flash Hole Uniformer 0.062"

SKU KMS-40083

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In cartridge manufacturing, the flash hole is "punched" into the brass. While this is the least expensive method, it has many shortcomings and inconsistencies. The flash holes, therefore, are of different sizes and shapes. The most detrimental to accuracy are the irregular "breakouts" and "burrs" on the inside. This will cause "shot-to-shot" differences in Primer "Flame Fronts", causing inconsistent pressure/velocity and thereby, loss of accuracy. Bench Rest Shooters have been uniforming flash holes since 1969.


  • Deburs and chamfers flash holes to improve consistent primer ignition
  • Aids in improved handload  accuracy
  • Pre-set depth stop
  • References on inside-bottom of case not case mouth.