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K+M Case Holder Collets

SKU KMS-50044

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These Collets work in the K+M ergonomic Case Holder.

Secure a wide range of cases for primer pocket work (head-facing) and, for most rimless cases, case mouth work (neck-facing). This tool accepts hundreds of cartridges thanks to a wide range of collets.

 Rifle Cartridge Collet #
223 Remington Family 0.375*/0.391
PPC 0.438*/0.453
308 Winchester Family / Creedmoor 0.469
284 Winchester 0.500
.300 Win Magnum 0.516*/0.531
PRC / Rem SAUM 0.547 & 0.563
Remington Ultra Magnum / WSM 0.563

    * Head-facing only for primer pocket work. Base is too big to fit in collet for case mouth work (neck-facing)