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Inline Fabrication Ultra Mount Riser with Quick Change Base System


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The Inline Fabrication Ultra Mount Riser raises your reloading press up to get the action closer to eye level and increase reloading comfort and ergonomics.

Super solid 3/16 steel construction, accessible lower storage tray and coated in beautiful black powder-coat are all features of this high quality reloading press stand. The modular design lends itself to fit just about any reloading press available today.

The QC Ultramount Riser is 9-5/8" tall, 12" wide, and 11.5" deep.  This base set up is to be used with Inline's quick change top plates. You will need one top plate per item that you wish to swap in and out.  Swapping out presses/tools takes less than 30 seconds and requires no tools!