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Hornady Quick Detach Universal Mounting Plate Assembly

SKU HRN-399697

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Quickly and easily attach and detach presses and other reloading tools with the Quick Detach Universal Mounting Plate System. Just mount the aluminum blocks to a bench or table for a strong clamp and stability. Presses and tools can be attached to multiple plates and switched out for use.


Maximises production where bench space is limited. Cam locks keep the plate stable during use but allow for quick release to change out plates during press or reloading processes.

Mounting hole configurations fit a variety of presses and reloading tools.

Compatible Tools & Equipment

  • Lock-N-Load® AP
  • Lock-N-Load® Iron Press
  • Lock-N-Load® Classic
  • 50 BMG
  • 366 Auto Shotgun Press
  • Lock-N-Load® Bullet Feeders
  • Cam Lock Trimmer
  • Lock-N-Load® Concentricity Tool
  • Neck Turning Tool