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Hornady Lock-N-Load® Iron Single Stage Press

SKU HRN-085520

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The next evolution in single stage press technology.

The Lock-N-Load® Iron Press® loader is built to be the heaviest, most rigid press in its class. Tight tolerances in manufacture and assembly combine to provide consistency and precision that will deliver match accurate ammunition, round-after-round, year-after-year.


Lock-N-Load® Bushing System
Incorporating the Hornady patented Lock-N-Load® bushing system, changeovers are lightning fast.

Patented Shell Holder Platform
The Iron Press® loader, with its patented shell holder platform, allows handloaders to deprime, pause and remove the case to chamfer and deburr, etc., then easily replace and prime.

Automatic Priming System
The gravity fed Automatic Priming System (sold separately or with the Kit) and innovative accessory mounting deck helps increase reloading efficiency by allowing more processes to happen simultaneously.

Superior Strength
Industry leading strength and further ease of use comes from the spring assist 1-1/8" solid steel ram.

Accessory Deck
The accessory mounting deck provides quick access to trays for bullets or cases, and storage for chamfer and deburr tools, case neck brushes, primer pocket cleaners and more.

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Shell holders not included