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Forster Original Case Trimmer Kit with 3 Collets and 7 Pilots


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Original Case Trimmer Kit the old standby for most calibres with bullet diameters from .171" to .459". This item combines the Original Case Trimmer in an affordable package along with a selection of Collets and Pilots to satisfy the needs of most rifle handloaders:

  • Collet #1 CT2001
  • Collet #2 CT2002
  • Collet #3 CT2003
  • Pilot #22 CT1022
  • Pilot #24 CT1024
  • Pilot #25 CT1025
  • Pilot #26 CT1026
  • Pilot #27 CT1027
  • Pilot #28 CT1028
  • Pilot #30 CT1030

It is actually a fine miniature lathe with a superior shell holder design. The Forster Original Case Trimmer allows you to go as far as you need to go with your reloading because it allows you to expand your system by adding any of the accurizing accessories.

  • Trims most standard calibres from 0.171" to 0.459" fits from 5.7 x 28 all the way to 45-70
  • Includes both coarse and fine trim length adjustments that will maintain 0.001" repeatability
  • 0.490" diameter Cutter Shaft (17 cal. Cutter Shaft required for 17 cal.)
  • 5?" long Base
  • Accommodates all six case trimmer accessories
  • Plus, Forster manufactures the only Case Trimmer that holds the case in a Brown & Sharpe-type collet keeping your trimming depth consistent, even when the rim diameter varies