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Forster 308 Winchester Bushing Full Length Sizer Die


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The Forster Bushing Full Length Sizer Die offers advanced precision by allowing reloaders to precisely control the amount of neck sizing tension in your reloaded rifle brass while sizing the body and bumping the shoulder.

This die improves accuracy and prolongs case life because the case’s shoulder and body is sized down just enough to fit in a minimum-sized SAAMI rifle chamber, and bushing limits working of the neck.

Interchangeable bushings are available in 0.001 in. increments to enable custom neck sizing and fine adjustments for case neck wall thickness. Forster neck bushings are machined to a superior interior finish for "smooth as silk" neck sizing. When selecting a bushing size, choose a bushing approximately .002 inch smaller than a loaded round measures at the case neck.

Order bushings separately.