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Caldwell Fire Control Rifle Front Shooting Rest

SKU CALD-746884

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Fire Control® is an advanced alignment system that allows you continual, one-hand adjustment of downrange crosshair alignment via a multi-directional control arm. It provides you with continuous adjustment of the front forend support by manipulating the control arm with your fingertips. Once the coarse adjustments have been made to position the rest, the control arm allows fluid movement for precise crosshair alignment without having to change shooting position to loosen or tighten rest components.

The result is outstanding control of crosshair alignment in a rock-solid shooting platform which delivers better accuracy than any existing rest. This revolutionary development allows accuracy and speed that previously conventional rifle rests can’t offer. The continuous precision adjustment of Fire Control® allows the crosshairs to easily and quickly be manipulated as you maintain a perfectly relaxed shooting position.

Fire Control® will give you the confidence of knowing your crosshairs will be precisely aligned when the trigger breaks. Providing control right up to the point of trigger break greatly enhances accuracy. Other conventional rests with fixed adjustment systems require last minute micro alignment thus greatly limiting accuracy. Another benefit is ease and speed of realignment after recoil. No more moving the entire rest back into position or loosening knobs and turning screws. With up to 60" of windage and elevation adjustment at 100 yards, get back on target in seconds with immediate control at your fingertips. These rests are also built to provide the exceptional performance Caldwell® is known for.


  • Stainless steel levelling feet
  • Elevation knob securely locks into position
  • 15" x 11.5" cast iron base
  • Overall weight approximately 18 lbs.
  • Fill medium bag can be swapped with 3-lobe bag included for wide forend rifles