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Buck Expert Smokin Sticks Roe Buck Scent


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The fragrance will entice wildlife from a far, as they will be curious to investigate where the attractive scent comes from.

Place the Buck Expert smoking stick in an angle of 45 degrees for 10-20 seconds, then the smoke will spread a powerful and enticing fragrance. Make sure to take advantage of the wind direction to spread the smoke / smell. The game will often come slowly and constantly sniff against the smoke. A smoking stick can last up to 12 hours – strong winds may reduce durability.

Tip – Spray some Buck Expert synthetic urine at the smoking stick to increase the luring effect.

Note: Baits are not magic in a bottle – but with the proper use and game in the area, you may improve your shooting chances significantly.

Also available as Roe Doe in Heat.

6-8 Buck Expert smoking sticks per package.