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Bore Tech Bolt Action Cleaning Tool Kit

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Bore Tech’s Patent Pending Action Cleaning Tool Kit is the industry’s most innovative and effective action cleaning tool specifically engineered for meticulous cleaning of a bolt action rifle’s chamber, locking lug recess and action.

The action and locking lug recess on a bolt action rifle have a tendency to collect brass shavings, powder residue, debris, bolt lug grease, and solvents.  This accumulation of debris can cause operational malfunctions and increase wear on your bolt, bolt lugs, and action. In the past, these areas have been difficult to properly clean/dry and are often neglected. Not anymore!

Bore Tech's exclusive, patent pending moulded rubber wiper eliminates clumsy dental rolls and ineffective felts that fall off, barely clean, and pack full of fouling rending them useless. With the new Bolt Action Wiper simply spike a patch over the rubber wiper and observe how it perfectly conforms to the action walls providing a thorough and complete cleaning in a fraction of the time.

The Bolt Action Cleaning Tool features:

• 20” Polished Stainless Steel Rod that keeps the rod handle behind the stock. This prevents interference with a high cheek piece and keeps hands from hitting the rifle stock.

• Patent Pending, Solvent Resistant, Moulded Rubber Wiper which effectively uses patches to clean the entire action and lug recess area of trapped debris/residue

• Polymer Rod Collar safely centres the rod in your action and prevents damage to delicate action components

• Medium Chamber Mop cleans any remaining solvent/debris in the chamber.

• 2½” Round Bore Tech X-Count Patches for use with the Patent Pending Moulded Bolt Action Rubber Wiper to clear debris/residue from the action.

Bolt Configuration/Diameter Requirements:
The Bolt Action Cleaning Tool Kit fits most popular 2-Lug Centrefire Bolt Action Rifles with a 0.695”-0.700” bolt body diameter. Most Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Browning, Savage and Custom Actions have 0.695”-0.700” bolt body diameters. 

For actions with 3-Lug Bolts and Smaller/Larger bolt body diameters such as Weatherby, Sako, Kimber, CZ, etc. the Universal Rubber Wiper and a Custom Diameter Collar are necessary and sold separately.

Packaging: Clear Screw Top Plastic Tube w/ Hang Tab
Dimensions: 27.5” x 1.75” x 1.75”

  • Polished Stainless Steel Rod
  • Molded Rubber Bolt Action Wiper
  • Polymer Rod Collar
  • 2½” Round X Count Cotton Patches
  • Cotton Chamber Mop

Rod Length: 20”
Rod Diameter: 0.250”
Rod Thread Pitch: 8-32 Female Threads