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Berger Varmint Bullets 17 Calibre (0.172" diameter) 25 Grain Hollow Point Flat Base 200/Box

SKU BERG-17308

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The Berger Varmint bullet line includes those bullets that are most commonly used by precision oriented varmint hunters. These bullets have been proven in the field to provide exceptional accuracy and a level of expansion that best suits a given varmint or predator application. The J4 Precision Jacket is thinner at the nose. These jackets are cut to size by a process known as pinch trimming. This pinch trim produces a bullet tip that is very thin and will expand quickly (impact velocity and animal size will effect expansion results). Berger Varmint bullets are made with the same materials and process as all of our bullets. This produces a level of consistently that directly impacts a varmint hunter’s ability to get more hits in the field.

Calibre .17
Diameter (Inches) 0.172
Bullet Weight 25gr
Bullet Style Varmint Hollow Point Flat Base
Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.152
Ballistic Coefficient G7
Sectional Density 0.121
Package Quantity 200/Box
Manufacturer # 17308