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Berger Elite Hunter Hunting Bullets 7MM (0.284" diameter) 195 Grain Hybrid Hollow Point Boat Tail 100/Box

SKU BERG-28550

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Berger Elite Hunters were developed through a partnership with Berger and Extreme Outer Limits TV. These bullets break the trend-line for today’s heavy hunting bullets and are designed for extreme long range hunting situations, typically with custom rifle applications. Elite Hunter Bullets utilise Berger’s industry-leading hybrid ogive, which blends tangent and secant designs to optimise efficiency, reduce wind-drift, and minimise sensitivity to seating depth.

Elite Hunter Bullets are identical in construction, shape and performance to the Berger Hybrid Target series, except they utilise a thinner J4 Precision Jacket for rapid expansion on game animals. Elite Hunters are designed to penetrate 2-3″ and then begin to expand and create a massive wound cavity up to 15″. The hydrostatic shock causes most animals to drop immediately.

Calibre .28 Calibre/7MM
Diameter (Inches) 0.284
Bullet Weight 195gr
Bullet Style Elite Hunter Boat Tail
Ballistic Coefficient G1 0.755
Ballistic Coefficient G7 0.387
Sectional Density 0.345
Package Quantity 100/Box