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AIM Scout 50 "Hammerhead" Drag Bag & Range Shooting Mat Combination


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The AIM Scout 50 Drag Dag and Range Shooting Mat come as a set. The rifle bag has the same reinforced internal rifle butt pocket and adjustable weapon securing straps of the AIM tactical drag bags but no cleaning rod sleeve. It is rectangular in shape and can take a rifle up to 49.5” (126 cm). The internal depth of the bag is 11.5” (29 cm). On the outside of the bag there are three pockets and a PALS* webbing system at either end of the bag for MOLLE* gear (1” webbing spaced at 1” intervals).

The roll-up mat has a waterproof underside and opens to provide an extra large area for prone shooting. It has flaps to further increase this space.  With flaps folded the mat provides 69” (176 cm) x 27.5” (70 cm). With flaps extended this increases to 80.5” (205 cm) x 40.5” (103 cm).  There is a textured section for non-slip rifle positioning. The mat can be carried via a shoulder strap, held by the webbing handle or clipped easily onto the PALS webbing.

* PALS – Pouch Attachment Ladder System
​​​​​​​* MOLLE – Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment

Scout 50 Bag:

Overall external dimensions (length x width x depth):
53 x 13 x 3 inches (134 x 33 x 8 centimetres)
Please note, depth measurement excludes pockets

Largest pocket internal dimensions:
25 inches (63 centimetres) long x 10½ inches (27 centimetres) wide

Three smaller pocket internal dimensions:
8 inches (21 centimetres) deep. Width varies between 5 to 6½ inches

3.96 kilograms

Scout Mat:

With flaps folded:
The mat measures 69 x 27½ inches (176 x 70 centimetres)

With flaps extended:
The mat measures 80½ x 40½ inches (205 x 103 centimetres)

Rolled dimensions (length x width x depth):
28 x 12 x 4½ inches (71 x 30 x 11 centimetres)

2.45 kilograms