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Vihtavuori Load Data - 7.5 x 55 Swiss

In 1889 Switzerland adopted the 7,5x55 for the new Schmidt-Rubin straight pull bolt action rifle. Whereas the early versions of this unusual rifle design had several undesirable features which severely limited the loads that could be used the latter versions (model 1911) could utilise the full potential of the 7,5x55 at a pressure of 45.500 psi. This makes the Schmidt-Rubin cartridge equivalent to the .308 Winchester and suited to the same range of game. Despite its name, it uses .30 calibre bullets, which normally are designated 7,62mm which is the distance between the surface of the lands in the barrel, and not the diameter of a .308” bullet, which is 7,82 mm.

Neither the Schmidt-Rubin rifles nor the 7,5x55 cartridge ever became popular outside Switzerland. However, several surplus rifles have been sold in the US and Norma supplies both cartridges and cases for reloading.
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