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Sceery Outdoors

Ed Sceery has been an avid outdoorsman all his life. He began hunting at age five and it has developed into his lifetime’s passion and profession.

Ed has spent many years in the field conducting wildlife research. He has developed a very unique understanding of both animal behavior and how animals communicate. Through his research activities, he was the first person to discern and clearly describe how elk actually communicate. He is considered to be the foremost authority on elk, deer, and coyote vocalizations. He is also widely recognized for his hunting skills and knowledge of the interactions between livestock and wildlife and he has traveled throughout the country conducting seminars for both hunters and ranchers. Through over a full half century of work, Ed has come to be widely recognized as “A Hunting Legend”

Producing innovative, award winning hunting products and more successful hunting techniques is a real challenge. But it’s what they do at Sceery Outdoors. And they do it with great success. Over the years their hunting products have proven so successful that they have now become industry standards, used by serious hunters and imitated by other game call makers. Sceery Outdoors are quite proud of this fact. When you choose a Sceery product, you know you are getting the finest made.