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Shooter's Choice Barrel Wizard Store-in-the-Barrel Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12, 16 and 20 Gauge

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The Shooter's Choice Barrel Wizard Store-in-the-Barrel Shotgun Cleaning System is perfect for cleaning 12, 16 and 20 gauge shotguns. This system is compatible with break-open, automatic pump action and bolt action shotguns. The snap cap handle with oil reservoir is available for this cleaning system (sold separately). This system is threaded to accommodate 5/16 x 27 standard USA shotgun cleaning accessories. The cleaning rod features a tooled in patch and paper towel grip for tighter, cleaner passes. This system features a sturdy telescoping rod. Stores in a 12-Gauge when travelling to a shoot or on a hunt.

    • Designed to easily remove all types of fouling: lead fouling, powder fouling, plastic shotgun wad fouling, black powder fouling
    • No need for expensive patches! Holds Paper Towel for a thorough 360 degree clean
    • Threaded to accommodate all universal 5/16 x 27 standard USA cleaning accessories
    • Compatible with all break-open, auto, pump and bolt action shotguns
    • Precision constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, Delrin and nickel-plated brass with a hard anodized finish
    • Sturdy telescoping rod adjusts from 27. to 40 inches