Mineral & Salt Lick Blocks

Non-domesticated animals need salts and minerals just like domestic and farm animals, and forage for nutrients resulting in the familiar foraging and bark damage as well as the consumption of de-icing salt in winter on treated roads. Salt lick blocks with apple flavour provide a sensible solution. With the provision of supplentary salt animals are able to regulate their salt balance without damaging vegetation or endangering road users. The extremely pleasant, intense apple flavour draws wild animals from some distance.

An animal’s individual mineral requirements can vary significantly, even within groups of the same type of animal. Mineral lick blocks are the ideal way to supplement basic and concentrated feed to balance animals’ nutritional requirements through the spontaneous consumption of minerals via the lick block.

Salt lick blocks with apple flavour are produced from pure vacuum salt using a special pressing method. The blocks’ stability is the result of long-term product development and constant hardness tests. This ensures excellent weather resistance and balanced consumption by the animal


Available types:

  • Salt Lick Block with Apple Flavour
  • Extra 1/3 Mineral Lick Block 


    Plastic Lick block holders are available for attaching block to trees without damage.

Mineral Lick Block

Lick Block Holders



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