Reloading Presses & Kits

Forster Co-AX Press - £496.45

Co-Ax Press, supplied with “S” jaws. No need to complicate the reloading process. Our Co-Ax Press keeps it simple while still delivering famous Forster precision. The Forster Co-Ax Press comes with several unique features that help make it truly one of a kind, including:

  • Snap-in and snap-out die changing. You can actually change from sizer die to seater die in two seconds!
  • A positive spent primer catcher system which passes all spent primers and dirty carbon through a tube and into a container. That helps keep all working parts free of dirt and abrasives.
  • Dual floating guide rods to help ensure perfect alignment.
  • Because there is absolutely no torque on the head of the Co-Ax Press, long life is the rule rather than the exception. Due to the design of the linkage and pivots, all forces are in equilibrium whether the press is at maximum work load or at rest.
  • Our Co-Ax Press has three times the mechanical advantage of an ordinary “C” press. It’s so effortless, full length sizing can actually be accomplished by operating the handle of the press with the little finger! There’s no pain but plenty of gain.
  • The Co-Ax Press delivers perfect alignment of the die and the case because the shell holder jaws are designed to float with the die, thereby permitting the case to center precisely in the die.
  • With no frame supports or swinging primer arms to interfere or cause an obstruction, the Co-Ax Press provides plenty of elbow room for both right handed or left handed operators.
  • The Co-Ax Press accepts any standard ⅞″ X 14 reloading die, some with existing locking rings. We recommend Forster Cross Bolt Locking Rings.
  • The unique top priming device seats primers to factory specifications. The seater is always at right angles to the case head. Primers will not flip or tip. They will be seated straight, level and at a uniform distance below the case head. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing.
  • The top of the stroke provides a rock solid stop for consistency.


Short handle option, Protective dust covers and Inline Fabrication custom side arms also available. Limited Availability.

Hornady Lock-N-Load® Iron Press w/Manual Prime - £324.25


With a heavy duty, fully ambidextrous, cast iron frame, the Iron Press™ is built to be the heaviest, most rigid press in its class. Tight tolerances in manufacture and assembly combine to provide consistency and precision that will deliver match accurate ammunition, round-after-round, year-after-year.

Further ease of use comes from exclusive features such as a spring assist 1 1/8” solid steel ram and the patented Shell Holder Platform. And, as with all Hornady® metallic reloading presses, the Iron Press™ comes with the patented Lock-N-Load® bushing system that makes changeovers lightning fast.




  • Cast Iron frame – Heaviest / most rigid in class (26 pounds assembled weight)
  • Same mounting pattern as Hornady AP / Classic Press and RCBS® Rock Chucker®
  • Ambidextrous operation
  • Patented Lock-N-Load® bushing system
  • Patented Shell Holder Platform (Only compatible with Hornady, RCBS, and Lee Shellholders)
  • Manual prime system 
  • Accessory Mounting Deck for case prep tools
  • 1-1/8” solid steel ram provides industry leading strength

LEE Breech Lock Challenger Press - £89.00

The "O" frame press by design is the strongest and by far the most popular style press. The larger than average opening allows for maximum hand clearance. The spent primer catcher is positive and allows you to route the spent primers directly to the trash can. Priming is a dream with the Lee Lever Prime System. Best of all, it includes the Breech Lock Quick Change die system. Change dies instantly with a twist of the wrist, and you never have to re-adjust your die.

Other features include all steel linkage with adjustable length lever. Press includes one Breech Lock quick change bushing.

LEE Breech Lock Challenger Kit - £176.25

Contains Breech Lock Challenger Press and one Breech Lock quick-change bushing, Perfect Powder Measure, Lee Safety Scale, Powder Funnel, cutter and lock stud, chamfer tool, sizing lube, primer pocket-cleaning tool, Auto-Prime XR and a set of Auto-Prime Shell Holder


  • Popular "O" frame design w/ a 4 1/2" opening
  • Featuring the Breech Lock quick change die system
  • Spent primer tube is effective and easy to empty *Standard 7/8"-14 Threaded Dies
  • Made from Solid Aluminum

LEE Classic 4-Hole Turret Press - £146.50

This press has all the features of the award-winning Turret Press with quality touches that make this the finest, most convenient press to own. The Classic Turret features the solid steel linkage of the Lee Classic Cast. Your first stroke of the hardwood gripped lever will convince you this is one, solid silky smooth press! The sturdy iron base shows its Classic Cast roots.

The long stroke allows rifle cases over three inches long to be loaded using the automatic index. Deactivate the Auto-Index and cases over 4 inches can be loaded. The rigid cast iron frame supports the ram with over 12 square inches of area. The industry's largest ram is drilled completely through to dispense primers in an attached clear PVC tube. Every primer is caught guaranteed.

Instant change turrets are the same as the famous Lee Turret Press. The Classic Turret uses the Lee Lever Primer System (LPS) and the Lee Safety Prime tool makes priming on the press a delight.

LEE Breech Lock Hand Press Kit - £70.12

The Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit is the perfect portable reloading press kit. Begin reloading at once. No wasted time mounting to a work bench. Pack it all in the box when finished. Great for apartment dwellers or loading at the range. Includes Breech Lock Hand Press, Ram Prime, Powder Funnel, Case Lube and one Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing. Order a set of dies to complete. Maximum overall cartridge length this reloading press can accept is 3.650 inches.

LEE 50th Anniversary Kit - £168.25

Contains: new Breech Lock Challenger Press and one Breech Lock quick-change bushing, Perfect Powder Measure, Lee Safety Scale, Powder Funnel, cutter and lock stud, chamfer tool, sizing lube, primer pocket-cleaning tool, Large and small Safety Prime.


  • "O" frame design
  • Allows standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies

RCBS Rebel Press

The RCBS Rebel Press is the next evolution in single stage press technology.  Machined from tough-as-nails cast iron this press will not let you down.


  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frame (22% heavier than the Rock Chucker Supreme)
  • Wide Base for Extra Stability
  • Tallest Opening of Any RCBS Single Stage Press
  • Machined Qualified Surfaces
  • Extremely Tight Tolerances
  • Bottom of Ram Primer Ejection
  • Ambidextrous Handle
  • Zerk Fitting

RCBS AmmoMaster-2 Press - £476.50

The AmmoMaster®—2 single stage press has been improved with the installation of the longer support columns and larger toggle block found on the RCBS® AmmoMaster .50 BMG press. While still set up to use standard 7/8-inch-14 thread dies and standard shell holders to load most any pistol or rifle calibre, the addition of the .50 BMG 1-1/2-inch Die Kit (88705) will allow reloaders to load from .25 ACP to .50 BMG.






  • Longer support columns and larger toggle block
  • Uses standard 7/8 inch-14 thread dies and standard shell holders to load pistol or rifle calibre
  • Can be set up to load from .25 ACP to .50 BMG with the addition of the .50 BMG 1-1/2-inch Die Kit (88705)

Whether you're just a beginner or a seasoned handloader, the RCBS AmmoMaster will have you reloading the big .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) cartridge with precision and accuracy in no time. This all-inclusive, money-saving kit comes with the press, dies, and all the accessories needed to get started. The powerful AmmoMaster Single Stage press is rigged for 1.5 inch dies with a smooth-operating heavy-duty steel crank shaft handle for excellent leverage. The massive 1.5 inch solid steel ram has plenty of height for the fifty. Also included is a set of RCBS .50 BMG 1.5 inch reloading dies, full-length sizer and seater, shell holder, ram priming unit and a trim die. Dies not included.

RCBS Summit Reloading Press - £307.25

Unlike other presses, the Summit operates on top of the bench; the case does not move, the reloading die comes down to the case. Its all-steel linkage and cast iron frame provide the stability and ruggedness all reloaders need. The ambidextrous design allows unprecedented access to your cases, and you can quickly change dies. The Summit also offers compound leverage, a massive 2-inch diameter ram, full frontal access, a press adapter bushing, grease nipple fitting for lubrication, spent primer catcher and 4-1/2 inch operating window for convenient access. It accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies.




  • The case does not move; the reloading die comes down to the case
  • All-steel linkage and cast iron frame
  • Ambidextrous design allows easy access to cases
  • Features compound leverage, a 2-inch-diameter ram, full-frontal access, a grease nipple fitting for lubrication, spent primer catcher and 4 ½-inch operating window
  • Accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies

RCBS Arbor Die Conversion Kit - £31.25

Get even more from the RCBS® Summit™ single-stage reloading press with the Arbor Die Conversion Kit. By replacing the Summit’s standard die bushing and shell holder adapter, the kit creates two flat, parallel mounting surfaces—ideal for benchrest-type arbor dies.



  • Kit contains an Arbor Die Bushing and Arbor Shell Holder that replace the standard parts in the Summit single-stage reloading press
  • Flat, parallel surfaces created by the replacement parts accommodate benchrest-style arbor dies

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press - £246.50

The Rock Chucker Supreme Press has been one of the most popular single stage reloading presses in the world for many years. The current Supreme model has been lengthened to more easily accommodate some of today's longer cartridges, and the press handle will switch in the mount for right or left handed users. This press has outstanding strength and versatility, and will serve any reloaders needs for many years. Ram diameter is 1 inch, press top thread is 1 and one fourth inch to twelve with a machined 7/8 to fourteen insert, window opening is 4.25 inch. Shown with optional Rock Chucker® Supreme Auto Prime sold separately.





  • Lengthened design allows easy loading of today’s longer cartridge designs
  • Easy operation
  • ambidextrous handle
  • outstanding strength and versatility

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit - £435.50

Complete kit comes with nearly everything needed to start loading your own pistol or rifle ammunition right out of the box. Just supply the shell holder and die set for the calibre you want to load, plus bullets, primers, cases, and powder (of course!).


RCBS’s classic, cast iron Rock Chucker Supreme Press features a large opening that lets you turn out finished ammunition up to 3.750" long - everything from 17 Hornet to 416 Rigby. Kit also includes an array of high-quality RCBS gear: hand-held priming tool, Uniflow powder measure with bench-mount bracket, M-500 powder/bullet beam scale, powder funnel, case lube kit, case mouth deburring tool, universal loading block, accessory handle, and the Nosler Reloading Manual.

Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press - £230.00

Heavy-duty cast iron single-stage press features the largest frame opening and useable ram stroke of any press in its class. Handles all your reloading needs from small handgun cases to the big rifle magnums. The 36° offset O-frame with a generous 4½" high opening offers superb ease of access. Offset ball handle for super-smooth operation and maximum leverage. The steel bushing for 7⁄8"-14 dies can be replaced with a bushing for 1"-14 dies (available separately). To use 1¼"-12 dies, simply remove the bushing entirely. Spent primers automatically drop through the 1" diameter heavy ram and down into a flexible plastic tube that holds hundreds of primers for easy disposal. Dies not included.



  • “Spent primer collection system”
  • 1” diameter ram
  • Heavy duty cast iron frame with 36° offset for easy access and visibility
  • Large 4-1/2" frame opening
  • 3-13/16" of ram stroke for easy reloading of magnum cartridges
  • Offset/straight pull ball handle for ease of operation
  • "Smart" primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel
  • Heavy duty compound linkage
  • Steel adapter bushing accepts all standard 7/8"-14
  • threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies
  • Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4" - 12 dies

Redding T7 Turrent Press - £355.00

The T-7 Turret Press features a seven station turret head, cast iron construction, and powerful compound linkage. Its rear casting supports a rock solid turret for precise alignment. The T-7 incorporates a one inch diameter ram and accepts 7/8 inch to fourteen inch threaded dies, including the longer Competition dies. Additional interchangeable turret heads may be purchased. This is the only turret press we recommend buying. Dies not included. Shown with the Automatic Primer Feed Assembly sold separately.



  • Seven station turret head with operating
  • handle
  • Heavy duty cast iron frame for strength and
  • wear resistance
  • Powerful compound linkage with positive ram stop.
  • 1” diameter ram
  • 4-3/4” press opening
  • 3-13/16” ram stroke
  • Ball handle
  • “Spent primer collection system”
  • Accepts all standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders
  • Shellholders may be rotated to any comfortable
  • position desired
  • “Smart” primer arm for seating small and large primers
  • Interchangeable turret heads
  • Competition die compatible

Redding UltraMag Reloading Press - £370.00

The UltraMag is the heavy duty workhorse of the Redding line, and is a no-nonsense high quality press. It is our favorite for large jobs and highly recommend it for the reloader needing a large frame press. The leverage system on this press (unlike most others) is connected to the top of the press frame which gives it literally tons of pressure without the usual concerns of press frame deflection or misalignment. This is an expensive press, but one we feel is worth the money, especially for long magnum cartridges. Dies not included.



  • The frame is constructed of high grade cast iron for strength, long life and wear resistance
  • Four mounting holes provide rigid mounting
  • Offset handle is out of the way for all reloading operations
  • All linkage pins are heat treated, precision ground and in double shear
  • Steel adapter bushing accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies
  • Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4" - 12 die threads
  • "Smart" primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel
  • “Spent primer collection system”

K & M Arbor Press with Standard Force Measurement Option

This rugged press is used with in line bullet seating and neck sizing dies and can be used at your home loading bench or at the range.

The ability to "feel" the bullet as it is seated into the case neck is very important to achieve consistency and accuracy. Our newly designed toggle link arbor press has a very smooth and much improved feel to provide the reloader that critical sensitive feedback. Compact size allows for use on your loading bench or at the range. Mounting holes are provided in the base if you choose to hard mount to your loading bench.


Also available without Force measuring option.

  • Base size 3.5" x 5", Height - 11"
  • Working height is adjustable from 0"-7.5" or 0"-6" when used with a force pack.
  • 1" press stroke
  • Simple height adjustment is made by loosening two screws on the side with the provided T-handle hex key
  • Reference scale is etched on the column for height adjustment and die placement target on the base to position your die under the press ram.

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