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RCBS Trim Pro-2 Power Kit with Universal Shell Holder 240v

SKU RCBS-90367

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The RCBS Trim Pro-2 Power Case Trimmer kit has the same clever spring-loaded universal shell holder as the manual trimmer version, but with a high-torque, low-RPM motor. The self-feeding spring-fed cutter makes case trimming simple and accurate. No pushing or feeding pressure is required, leaving your hands free to do other case preparation tasks such as chamfering, deburring or primer pocket cleaning. The positive locking handle and integral power switch makes operation simple and safe. Note: Cases with rim diameters larger than .625-inch must be trimmed on the 90352 High Capacity Trimmer.

Kit includes pilots: .22, 6mm, .25, .270, 7mm, .30, .35, .44 and .45.

Cases with rim diameters larger than .625” must be 
trimmed on the RCBS90352 High Capacity Trimmer.