Hodgdon Powder

Extreme Rifle Powders



Hodgdon H322 provides match grade accuracy in small and medium capacity cartridges like the 223 Rem, 6mm PPC and the 7mm TCU.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


This very slow burning Extreme Extruded powder is perfect for highly overbored magnums like the 7mm Rem Magnum, 7mm STW and the 30-378 Weatherby.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

H4198 This Extreme Extruded propellant has gone through some changes since its inception, all the time maintaining the same important burning speed of the past. Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

Hodgdon has modernized H4350 by shortening the grains for improved metering and making it insensitive to hot/cold temperatures. H4350 is ideal in the WSM family of calibres.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


H4831 is a favorite for cartridges like the 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 280 Remington and 300 Winchester Magnum.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


Ballistically, this Extreme Extruded powder is the exact copy of H4831. Physically, it has a shorter grain size, therefore, the designation SC or short cut.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


This is a most versatile rifle powder. This member of the Extreme Extruded line powder is great for 17 Rem, 250-3000 Savage, 308 Win and 458 Win, to name just a few.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


Because the H50BMG share same technology as VARGET, H50BMG displays a high degree of thermal stability in temperature extremes.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


Suited for benchrest and small varmint cartridges like the 6mm PPC, 22 PPC, 6mm BR, 223 Rem. and 222 Rem.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


This magnum powder was designed expressly for the really large overbored cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued


VARGET features small extruded grains for uniform metering, insensitivity to hot/cold temperatures and higher energy for improved velocities over other powders in its burning speed class.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

Spherical Rifle Powders


A spherical powder that began as a military powder used in the 7.62 NATO, commonly known as the 308 Winchester.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

CFE 223 Introduced in January 2012, this versatile spherical rifle propellant incorporates in its formula CFE, Copper Fouling Eraser. This ingredient, originally used in military propellant, greatly deters copper fouling.



Originated as a military powder, used for the 5.56 NATO, or 223 Remington as handloaders know it. Obviously, it sees endless use in the 222 Remington, 223 Remington and other small cartridges.   Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued



H380 is a superb performer in the 220 Swift, 243, 257 Roberts and other fine varmint cartridges.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued




This spherical powder has an extremely wide range of use. From the 22-250 Remington to the 375 H & H, it will give excellent results.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

Hybrid 100V

HYBRID 100V has a burn speed between H4350 and H4831, yeilding superb performance in such popular calibers as 270 Win, 243 WSSM, 7mm Rem Mag.

Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued




This fabulous propellant meters flawlessly and makes lever action cartridges like the 30-30 Winchester yield velocities in excess of 100 fps



Superformance delivers striking velocities in cartridges like the 22-250 Rem, 243 Winand 300 WSM. Velocities well in excess of 100 fps.
US 869

US869 is superior in the 50 Caliber BMG where it yields high velocity and great accuracy with 750 to 800 grain projectiles.

Shotshell & Pistol

Clays The superb burning characteristics of this powder produce soft, smooth recoil and excellent patterns.
H110 H110 is the spherical powder that screams "no wimps, please!" It delivers top velocities with top accuracy in the 44 Magnum, 454 Casull, 475 Linebaugh and the 460 and 500 S&W magnums.



HP38 is a spherical powder that is great for low velocity and mid-range target loads in the .38 Special, .44 Special, and 45 ACP.
Lil Gun LIL'GUN was designed to fit, meter and perform flawlessly in the 410 BORE. No more spilled shot or bulged cases
Trail Boss Trail Boss was designed specifically for low velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting. It is primarily a pistol powder but has some application in rifles. Non-EU Compliant - Discontinued

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