Powder Funnels

RCBS Quick Change Powder Funnel Kit

With the current trend of large-bodied rifle cases, existing powder funnels sometimes do not fit properly over the cases. The RCBS® Quick Change Powder Funnel eliminates that problem. The Quick Change Powder Funnel features adapters that are supported by the body of the case and allow reloaders to choose the optimum powder flow. The 4-inch drop tube helps get that compressed powder charge into the case. The drop tubes are stackable so reloaders can increase the drop length if necessary.

LEE Powder Funnel


Lee Powder Funnel is a large, unbreakable funnel that fits most cases from 22 to 45 calibre.

MTM Universal Powder Funnel Set


The Universal Powder Funnel set is designed for those who load multiple calibres. 

7 Piece Set Includes:

  • Small Multi-calibre Powder Funnel - .243 to .45
  • Patented Adapto Powder Funnel - 4 adapters and drop tube attach to this funnel
  • Adapter 1 = .17 to .22
  • Adapter 2 = .22 to .29
  • Adapter 3 = .30 to .45
  • Adapter 4 = .22 to .50 Designed for WSM, WSSM and Rem Ultra Mags
  • 4" Drop Tube = Everyone knows that certain types of powders won't load properly without a drop tube = .22 to .45c

Redding Powder Funnel


Nearly indestructible, super-tough Lexan™. Fits most cartridge cases from .22 to .45 calibre. Anti-static  prevents powder from sticking. 

Not to be used with black powder

SATERN® Aluminium Powder funnels

These calibre-specific powder funnel offer a snug fit that keeps the funnel tight on the case neck while the powder is flowing. Static-free.


Rifle models: .17c, .20c, .22c, 6MM, .25c, 6.5MM, .270c, 7MM, .30c, 8MM, .338c, .35c, .375c, .416, .50c.


Pistol models: 9MM, .40c, .44c, .45c, 


Multi-Fit models: .22-.30c and .30c-.50c

Aluminium Powder Funnel

These calibre specific powder funnels are machined from solid aluminum bar stock on CNC turning centres. These funnels are meticulously machined to exacting tolerances then buffed for a perfectly smooth ID finish. 
The funnels are colour coded with a bright dip anodised finish and then laser engraved with the calibre on the funnel base for easy identification. 
The funnels are anti-static with all powders and stay upright while on the case neck in your reloading block.

Bench Powder Funnel Rack

This bench top funnel rack is designed to keep your reloading funnels out of the way, yet easy to reach when you need one. Picking the right funnel is easy thanks to the laser engraved calibre on the funnel base. The rack is machined clear anodised aluminum and the funnel pockets have a black felt bottom to protect the funnel finish. 

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