Bullet Comparators

Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator Body

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator body attaches to the blade of your caliper with a small thumbscrew and utilizes inserts for each calibre. The design of this tool allows proper alignment when used with the Hornady OAL gauge (offset position), or it can be used in a conventional centerline method. Inserts are sold separately. The body can also be used to hold the Hornady headspace gauge inserts.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator Inserts

Bullet Comparator Inserts are designed for use with the Lock-N-Load® Bullet Comparator; it eliminates variables when measuring the over-all length of a bullet. Bullet length can vary a few thousandths due to material variation and tip finish.

The Lock-N-Load® Bullet Comparator Inserts allow the reloader to measure the bullet from the base to a specific point on the ogive, which has little variation, if any. This versatile system also provides the reloader with a much more consistent way to monitor the overall length of their reloads, allowing the reloader to build more precision into their handloads, that translates into better groups at the range and more meat in the freezer.

Available for:      
.17 Calibre .25 Calibre .30 Calibre .416 Calibre
.20 Calibre 6.5MM .338 Calibre .45 Calibre
.22 Calibre .270 Calibre .35Calibre  
6MM 7MM .375 Calibre  

Hornady Anvil Base

The optional Anvil Base Kit attaches to the opposite blade of your caliper when using the Hornady Lock-N-Load Comparator. This provides a large surface area for case heads to rest making ogive and headspace measurements easier to obtain.

Sinclair Stainless Bullet Comparator Inserts

A Comparator is an excellent tool to use to sort bullets by base to ogive length. This is a valuable step if you are considering trimming the bullet meplat.

The inserts are stainless steel and machined with a taper and a short straight section to more accurately duplicate the chamber throat. This eliminates the wobble experienced with many comparators which have standard drilled holes. This design allows you to quickly and accurately measure the bullet's bearing surface of the bullet.

Available for:      
.17 Calibre 6.5MM .338 Calibre .416 Calibre
.20 Calibre .270 Calibre .35 Calibre .404 Jeffery
.22 Calibre 7MM 9.3MM .44 Calibre
6MM .30 Calibre .375 Calibre .45 Calibre
25 Calibre 8MM .408 Cheytac   

Sinclair Hex Style Bullet Comparators

Sinclair have been making these hex style bullet comparators for over 20 years, and believe they make the most accurate tools available. The holes in the Sinclair Bullet Comparators are cut with throating reamers to accurately duplicate the actual throat of a rifle. The comparator is used with calipers, and allows the reloader to accurately measure the length from the major diameter of the bullet to the case head. It also enables you to make accurate seating depth changes to your bullet seater. The Sinclair Comparator does not attach to your calipers, so your calipers are free for other measurements. Machined from stainless steel. May not work for cartridges with bullets seated to factory/SAAMI COAL.


Avalilable in two sizes:

#1 | 224, 6MM, .257, 6.5MM, 7MM, .308 Calibre

#2 | .172, .204, .224, .270, .308, .338 Calibre

Sinclair Bullet Sorting Stand

The Sinclair Bullet Checker Stand allows you to quickly and accurately sort bullets by base to ogive length. Black granite base is perfectly flat and heavy enough to stay where you want it on your loading bench. Either a dial or electronic indicator can be included which feature lever control for easy insertion and removal of bullets into comparators and the choice of using single point or an 11mm flat indicator tips (complete dial indicator also available separately). Bullet Checker Stand Comparators are sold separately and available in 22 calibre, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 30 calibre and 338 calibre or can be used with either Sinclair Hex comparators.

Bullet Checker Stand Comparators sold separately and available in 22 calibre, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 30 calibre and 338 calibre or can be used with either of the Sinclair hex comparators.

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