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Hunter's of England Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Piece, Right Hand, Green

SKU HOE-90706

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Most rifles and shotguns are still designed on iron sights yet 95% of shooters now prefer to use telescopic sights that require the eye line to be raised some 1-1/2 inches/35mm above the average firearm. In effect preventing the shooter from shooting consistently. Once correctly fitted the cheekpiece will ensure that when the firearm is brought up to the shoulder, it will allow the shooter to position his eye in the same position every time.

This will speed up target acquisition and be much more comfortable to shoot. After all, your firearm which may be an out of the box rifle, will not fit all shooters in the same. The patented contoured pads ensure that the cheekpiece will automatically fit the jaw and cheek of the shooter, not only this but by moving the pad back and forth the pad will raise or lower the eye to the correct level for your firearm scope combination. When this is set this should provide perfect eye relief every time the firearm is brought into the shooting position. Elasticated loops on the reverse of the cheek piece hold up to 7 rounds of ammunition.