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Hornady Lock-N-Load® Headspace Bushing E .420 (6.5-284/7MM RemMag/300 WinMag/300 WSM/SAUM/Ult Mag/375 H&H Mag)


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The Lock-N-Load® Headspace Comparator extends brass life, improves accuracy, and enhances safety. The gauge measures variations in brass before and after firing or re-sizing. It allows for headspace comparison between fire-formed brass and re-sized brass.

E .420"

Cartridge Compatibility:
284 Winchester
7mm Remington Magnum
7mm Remington Ultra Magnum
300 Winchester Short Magnum
300 Weatherby Magnum
325 Winchester Short Magnum
338 Winchester Magnum
350 Remington Magnum
375 H & H Magnum
264 Winchester Magnum
7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum
7mm Shooting Times Westerner
300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum
300 Winchester Magnum
300 Remington Ultra Magnum
8mm Remington Magnum
338 Remington Ultra Magnum
35 Whelen